Saratoga Life Fitness Boot's up a Workout for Two Former Ballet Dancers!

This Past Saturday I was alongside my pal Henry Seth, both with confused looks on our faces unsure of what had just happened to us. We were running! Henry and myself both former dancers looked behind us and there was no dog or fire we running from, but behind us was our bootcamp instructor Braelin Thornton-Zarzycki smiling from ear to ear! Motivating us the whole way proud as can be that she got two former dancers to step out of their comfort zones and DO THIS! I'm committed folks, we have 5 more lessons left of Saratoga Life Fitness Bootcamp seminars. I can't wait, each week we're treated to new healthy recipes to experience and fitness tips. Do you know how many calories you must burn to lose a pound? Well if you want to find out you have to join us! This coming Saturday I'll be looking forward again to the longest run of my life, and when I say long the run is 5 mins! At the end of this bootcamp I'll have run 30 mins of my entire life! Thanks Brealin for getting us up and running! Pretty cool experience overall and thankful for the Pilates I did  afterward to stretch and lengthen those muscles, the two were a great compliment to each other.
Braelin herself feeling the rush of one of her athletic accomplishments!
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